Barlume blue ocean

The Italy coffee machine named “Barlume” looks to the 50s, with its forms very soft and reassuring and chrome parts like a mirror that alternate opal and pastel colors. Ideal answer for trendy and fashionable espresso bars and restaurants. The body is embellished by the parties in Plexiglas with backlighting. Inimitable Italian design in a classic coffee machine. Product that characterizes and emphasizes the elegance and technique of Elektra.


-Rounded lines and noble materials that make the machine the heart of the coffee bar.
-The high craftsmanship of Italian design, contemporary reinterpretation of the 50’s style that makes it an object cult
-Electronic control of the boiler water temperature
-Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature (+/- 1°c).
-For a top quality into the cup.
-increased dispenser units height
-Sturdy push-button panel, with mechanical “soft-touch” coffee dispensing buttons.
-Steam/water tap with briarwood-colored bakelite
-knob control and jointed stainless steel wands
-Interchangeable with the pivoting lever control
-Pressure gauge for pump and boiler pressure integrated in one tool
-Double housing for pitchers till 1 litre capacity.
-Programmable night cycle: reduces energy consumption.
-Illuminated chrome/plexiglass opal body, available in white ice and blue color
-Opaline plexiglass cup protection covero

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